Thursday, September 28, 2017

Samsung 9000mAh Power Bank Review

Many of you own a smartphone and somebody of you own multiple ones. The other devices like tablets and phablets are also becoming the part of our daily venture. So, how to power those devices in our journey and keep them alive throughout our long journey? Here comes the necessity of a power bank. The Samsung 9000mAh power bank (like GOAL ZERO VENTURE 30 RECHARGER )is such a good product which help you power those devices many times with a single charging. Samsung recently announced some giant devices like Samsung Galaxy J1 and Samsung Galaxy A9 which eats the battery capacity with some monster hardware. So, owing a power bank is a must thing and the Samsung 9000mAh power bank may be the right choice.
We recently reviewed so many power banks like EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Brilliant 10000mAh Power BankYU Releases JYUICE Power BankASUS ZenPower 10050mAh Power Bank and many more which has an ability to charge all your devices so many time. The Samsung 9000mAh power bank also not different from these devices. 9000mAh is a quite good capacity which can hold the charge for all your deadly charge eating phones and cameras. There are many power banks in the market from the tiny ones which can charge your smartphone once to the giants which can charge all your devices many times. But, the Samsung put this device is a middle range of those siblings by putting a 9000mAh capacity to the device.
The Samsung 9000mAh power bank is priced around Rs. 3999 in the Indian market. It is not a big price tag while other competitors which have less capacity than this product has a price tag larger than that of this. There are many more things about the device is yet to be revealed. So, let’s have a look at the Samsung 9000mAh power bank review.

Samsung 9000mAh Power Bank Review

Samsung made this product with a shining design which looks like an external hard disk at the first look. Why unboxing the product you will get the following things:
  • The 9000mAh Power Bank
  • A Usage guide of the power bank
  • A USB to micro USB cable
  • A USB to a 30-pin proprietary Samsung cable
  • Samsung doesn’t included a charger in the box. They know that most of the people now own a Samsung device or, at least, the charger of the old device. So, they saved some space in the box. The power bank can be charged using the charger of the Samsung devices. Now, let’s look into the design and quality of the product.

Design and Quality

The Samsung 9000mAh power bank designed in a clean and decent way. Looking from the front will remind you the screen design of the Samsung galaxy edge. The edges are curved inside which makes an exact edge look on the product. We expected a little more bulkier device for its capacity. But, the lite weight design helped us to carry it with ease. The device is not too longer or wider. We can hold it in our hands without any discomfort. It’s a little thicker than the usual power banks on the market, but the length and width explain the thickness.
Looking from the front, there are four notification LED’s which has their own functions in notifying about charging, discharging, low battery etc… They light up green when discharging and red when being charged. So, the users can easily determine the working of the power bank. The power switch is placed on the right side of the power bank. Flicking the switch will turn ON or OFF your device. The smartphones or device will only charge if the power button is turned on. This will help to save the charge.
Moving to the bottom, we can see a USB port as output and a Micro-USB port as input. The input port will charge the device and the output port will charge other devices connected to it. On the back side, there is nothing noticeable than some holes for air flow which helps the device to stay cool. All of these included inside a case of 23 x 65x 94 mm dimension.

Samsung 9000mAh Power Bank Build & Capacity

Talking about the Build quality of the device, the device is a well-built one with extreme precision, especially on the edges. You can’t find a single misplacement of the body or some glitches in the parts. It takes about 10 hours to charge this 9000mAh battery completely. We were able to charge three of our devices by leaving some charge on the power bank. It was pretty impressive that the green light was still blinking. When compared to the normal wall socket charging, the devices charged in about half of the time. It was also very impressive. The 1.8A output can charge the devices in almost half of the time than the 1.0A normal power socket. So, you don’t need to wait for the devices to charge for a long time.
The Samsung 9000mAh power bank is very handy though allowing you to carry it in any of the long trips you make. As it can fully charge your smartphone almost four times, never need to search for a wall socket in your way. The full charge can take up to 10 hours which sounds a little higher. But, while taking the use of the Samsung 9000mAh power bank, the time is explainable.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Measure adds Aerial Solar Plant Inspections to Drone Services Portfolio

Measure, a leading provider of drone services to enterprise customers, today launched new services for the solar energy industry with the introduction of a robust suite of drone inspection solutions for solar plant maintenance.

The new turnkey solutions enable solar facility owners, asset managers and O and M contractors to realize the cost and operational benefits of aerial inspections - including decreased inspection costs and higher plant productivity - without investing in drones, flight planning, pilots, GIS data specialists or data analysis infrastructure.

Solar panel inspections are the cornerstone of the solution suite, quickly and cost-effectively identifying defective or damaged panels that are limiting energy output and associated business revenues. Measure's temperature-specific thermal orthomosaics store temperature in every pixel for faster and more accurate pinpointing of faulty panel infrastructure.

Measure's new solar solutions also include drone-based site overview and maintenance, site shading and terrain analysis, thermal inverter scans, tracker misalignment detection and vegetation management.

Benefits include:
+ Improved efficiency and safety through reduced inspection time and elimination of field work. On a site generating 21 MW, for example, Measure can complete an inspection in 7 hours instead of weeks, freeing employees and contractors for higher-value activities while also lowering inspection costs. The lower cost also makes it possible to perform more frequent inspections that can detect problems in a timely manner.

+ Specially designed 'snapshot' reports that dramatically reduce the time required for asset managers to extract actionable information, whether from orthomosaic, terrain or surface models or other formats like point-of-interest images. Measure's online portal provides secure data hosting capabilities and customized tools for reporting and analytics.

+ Maximum revenue capture for larger plants that may not be inspected in a single visit, potentially leaving unidentified issues and/or faults that compromise solar plant capacity and associated revenues. Measure's launch customer was able to avoid a potential revenue loss through an inspection that discovered over 200 malfunctioning panels on a new solar farm.

"Drone technology has resulted in new savings and efficiency opportunities for the solar energy industry, but a major investment of capital and human resources is required for solar PV plants and O and M contractors to run a drone program in-house," said Harjeet Johal, Measure Vice President of Energy Infrastructure, who is a 10-year veteran of the renewable energy industry with a PhD in electrical engineering.

"Our turnkey solution - created and staffed by drone and solar industry experts gives them access to the fastest, safest, best-planned and most accurate drone inspections and data reporting in the market today."

"We selected Measure to inspect our energy infrastructure both in the U.S. and internationally because they provide an end-to-end solution that integrates seamlessly into our asset and work management processes, use the best available technology, and directly align with our 'safety first' commitment," said Bernerd Da Santos, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The AES Corporation, a Fortune 200 global power company.

"Measure will help us scale our own drone program to cover our renewable and thermal generation, and transmission and distribution lines."

Measure's introduction of solar inspection services is part of a broader expansion that also includes the launch of new toolkit services for broadcast news organizations, also announced today, and the opening of new offices in Washington D.C., New York and Los Angeles.

Finally i wan to introduce one of the best solar system product. RENOGY 20 AMP MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER contains diagnostics and electronic protection functions so this product is definitely very useful.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

5 Ways to Diversify Your Business for Greater Profit

In today’s fast-paced business world, diversification is key if you want to remain ahead of the competition and increase your net income. Simply remaining within a single product or service can have a negative impact on the ability for your business to survive. Many large organizations are also seeing this potential threat and merging with other businesses or expanding their own in order to meet the demands of society. So how can you diversify your business without stretching yourself too thin. There are number of avenues to do that. Here are top 5 ways in which you can accomplish diversification:

1. Mobile Apps

Many businesses provide apps to their customers. In most cases, these mobile applications are free additions to the business platform. However, some companies produce more elaborate apps that are sold at $0.99 each. In either case, these additions improve online marketing of a brand. A well-developed program could also create a great deal of secondary revenue – especially if the project is regularly updated.

2. eCommerce Expansion

Nearly any business can host an eCommerce addition to the company assets. Some businesses have made more in online sales than actual income from the brick-and-mortar location. This could be especially beneficial for rural businesses that don’t experience a great deal of walk-in traffic due to a low population. An example of this would be a daycare expanding to sell child toys, clothes and other necessities.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Disadvantages of Getting a Business Loan from Bank

For many business owners today, getting a loan is critical part of their business plan. Business loans are often seen as necessary evil, especially if you are just starting out or if you would like to make more investments in the company.

Even if you do have access to financial resources of your own, whether these come from a part of your existing income, from investors, or even from family or friends, you may still need to get a business loan in the future. But if you are thinking of acquiring a loan, especially from a bank, you need to keep in mind some pitfalls that come with it. Here is a lowdown on bank loan you should know before you fill up that loan application.

Bank Loans: Pros

It is true that getting a loan from a bank has certain advantages, such as the fact that banks do not acquire ownership or any position of authority in the business just for supplying them with a loan. Another advantage of a bank loan is that the bank (or their representative) does not have any involvement in the running of your business, nor will they have any control whatsoever of your business operations. And once your bank loan has been paid off, there is no longer any obligation on your part to the bank – unless, that is, you would like to take out another loan from the same bank.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

3 Tips to Business Owners for Trading Internationally

The exponential growth of the internet over the past two decades means that even the smallest business now has the world at its fingertips. There is a whole global population just waiting to be turned into customers, and all that you need is the ambition, talent and work ethic to make this dream a reality.
However, there is a knack to doing it properly. Although there are millions of potential customers out there, you need to know how to reach them, how to meet their needs, and how to deliver a premier global service. If you’re not sure of where to start, here are three top tips to trade by.

1. Do Your Research

There is an art to trading successfully, and like any academic pursuit, its greatest talents share a few things in common: skill, an impressive work ethic, and ambition. There is no use simply dropping some pins into a map; you need to begin by putting in the hours and finding out where your markets are. There are lots of professional enterprises that can help you with this, but if you’d prefer to do your research yourself, then there are plenty of free online resources to help you.

Samsung 9000mAh Power Bank Review

Many of you own a smartphone and somebody of you own multiple ones. The other devices like tablets and phablets are also becoming the p...