Saturday, April 1, 2017

5 Ways to Diversify Your Business for Greater Profit

In today’s fast-paced business world, diversification is key if you want to remain ahead of the competition and increase your net income. Simply remaining within a single product or service can have a negative impact on the ability for your business to survive. Many large organizations are also seeing this potential threat and merging with other businesses or expanding their own in order to meet the demands of society. So how can you diversify your business without stretching yourself too thin. There are number of avenues to do that. Here are top 5 ways in which you can accomplish diversification:

1. Mobile Apps

Many businesses provide apps to their customers. In most cases, these mobile applications are free additions to the business platform. However, some companies produce more elaborate apps that are sold at $0.99 each. In either case, these additions improve online marketing of a brand. A well-developed program could also create a great deal of secondary revenue – especially if the project is regularly updated.

2. eCommerce Expansion

Nearly any business can host an eCommerce addition to the company assets. Some businesses have made more in online sales than actual income from the brick-and-mortar location. This could be especially beneficial for rural businesses that don’t experience a great deal of walk-in traffic due to a low population. An example of this would be a daycare expanding to sell child toys, clothes and other necessities.

3. Additional Services

Many businesses succeed by adding new features and services to their existing platform. It’s quite common to see electronic stores offer PC repairs or host local wireless services from a third party. A real estate business could offer landscaping services. Expansions can open the market to new customers while remaining within the niche of the primary business.

4. Secondary Businesses

Business owners will sometimes create a secondary company that can stand alone but complement the primary business. For example, a real estate company owner could decide to create a landscaping business that is a separate entity but compliments the primary business with additional offerings for clients. In some cases, the primary business pays for the services of the second company while billing the client directly.

5. Geographic Expansion

Creating a chain of a particular brand is probably one of the more expensive ways to diversify a business. However, it could also be one of the more lucrative. Instead of the income being focused by consumers in one area, the second building could also bring in a great deal of money. However, you want to make sure that your primary location can sustain the expense of a new building, staff and the equipment needed to branch out.

What readers can take from Steve Wynn in the Las Vegas Sun is that you need to keep your ideas fluid and constantly evolving with what people want. Keeping your business versatile with new technologies and mobility is only part of how you can remain successful. Constantly explore other ways to keep the organization relevant in the ever-changing world of business.

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